Signs NOT To Hire A Landscaper

June 3, 2018

Looking at your landscape and thinking it is time to hire a professional? Well, before you jump the gun and hire anyone, you should be looking at the key signs NOT to a hire a landscaper. If any of the professionals you are looking at are showing these signs, it is good signal for you to stay back and being looking elsewhere: 

Poor Reviews Online 

Thanks to the likes of Facebook, Yelp, and Google, you can see what other people think of a landscaper without leaving your home. And if there is an alarm bell that tells you not to hire the landscaper, its poor reviews and ratings. With these sites, you will firsthand how they have worked with people through personal reviews, as well as getting a full scope of their approach with a five-star rating system. Poor and low scores are giving you a firm idea on the type of company or person you are hiring when it comes to their services. You can get an understanding if they can handle your work; everything from designing to getting garden irrigation systems in your Melbourne home.

Negative Customer Demeanour 

How you are spoken to, how you are treated and how you feel when a landscaper is talking or explaining things to you can have a massive impact on whether you sign with them or not. A clear sign that you should not be agreeing to a landscaper is when they demeanour or attitude towards you (and other customers) is negative. Are the upset, sulley or get annoyed easily? Well, imagine if you sign with them, how bad they are going to be working alongside with. If they are negative in any way, standoff them and being looking for another landscape with a more jolly and positive attitude. 

Pushing Too Hard To Up Sell 

There is a method when it comes to salespeople known as “up-sell”. It is the trick to speak to you and let slip a better deal or offer so that you can pay more for something. Just like if you went to a coffee shop and they offered you a deal on a sandwich. Now, while this is common practice for business throughout the world, there is a point when the up-selling becomes unbearable. We are talking about them laying on plenty of pressure on you, so that you succumb to it and end up paying extra for something you didn’t want. So when it comes to seeing a landscape push you hard to sell something – like stone paving services when you clearly don’t need it – tell them to back off and start a new search. 

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