How Your Friends’ Kitchen Can Give You Ideas

June 19, 2019

Do you think that your kitchen lost its exciting appearance? Do you feel like your kitchen is not as interesting as it was a couple of years ago?  If so, probably it is time to plan a face-lift for your kitchen and make it a more interesting place. For a successful redesigning, you obviously need some inspiration. One of the best places that can practically inspire you is your friend’s kitchen. Here’s how your friends’ kitchen can give you ideas to design a nice kitchen.

One of the first things you should observe in your friend’s kitchen is its layout. You probably have your current kitchen layout for several years and find it less exciting. Here are some of the commonly used kitchen layouts you would notice in most of the places, the other option is to get in touch with a professional kitchen renovation company in Sydney.

  ‘L’ Shaped layout

L shaped kitchen layouts are the most popular of all; they have one longer side and one shorter side. It has become popular because of the spaciousness and it provides a centre island. Also, it gives out a cosy appearance.

 ‘U’ Shaped layout

U shape is another popular kitchen layout that has more space. For homes that are tight on space then they have two options, either try a different kitchen design or get in touch with Terramyer Home Extensions to get your kitchen extension made that should allow for more kitchen space to build in. In fact, a U-shaped layout is very efficient work environment; the cook will find it exceptionally easier to reach all the areas of the kitchen. Apart from that, this layout makes plenty of room for items like cabinets and other appliances.

Gallery Layout

Gallery layout is known as the corridor layout too. It is a perfect layout for a busy and a large kitchen. This is another efficient layout that gives plenty of room, particularly for work. As per the design, two walls run parallel giving good room for storage and move around to reach different areas.

One-wall layout

This particular design is good for kitchens that have limited spaces. As per this design, cabinets and kitchen appliances should be placed along one wall. It is typically used in places like condominiums and apartments.

Now, have a good look at your friend’s kitchen layout and observe which layout gives them more freedom and add beauty to the house. Then, assess the currently available space in your kitchen and decide the best layout for it.

There is no hard and fast rule to stick to the layout; you may customise the layout as you wish. If you prefer a breakfast bar or a stand in the kitchen, you may do so. After deciding a layout, you should think of a theme for your kitchen. Once you’ve decided on a theme then you can get in touch with Sydney Style Kitchens who provide some of the best custom made kitchen designs and if you tell them what you’re looking for, they’ll easily get it done.

When it comes to themes, depending on your personal interest, you may select one from classic to rustic to futuristic. For instance, if your preference is to save your valuable storage space, you may opt to a U-shaped layout and equip it with open shelving. If you prefer an unusual appearance, you may opt to rustic wooden finish. Alternatively, you can get home extensions in Preston for your kitchen and then open up opportunity to install any type of kitchen design for your home

If you have a very compact space, you should be very careful when selecting the layout. Lighter colours would make smaller rooms look more spacious. If you have very limited space in your kitchen, you may consider adding a kitchen trolley on casters; it allows you to take the trolleys away whenever you don’t need them.

The ultimate goal of a kitchen layout should be to utilise the space with more efficiency while making your life easier; so be wise when you select a layout.

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