How to Install Artificial Grass Installation Over a New Terrain

June 22, 2021

Installing artificial grass has become commonplace in yards around the United States. It can provide comfort, convenience and improve the landscape of any yard. Artificial turf has come along way since its introduction. Before you attempt to install your own artificial turf, it’s important to know the basics about the product.

Artificial Grass installation

The patented artificial grass installation method includes soil preparation that involves eliminating part of the existing lawn. A combination of crushed stone and natural soil is mixed and compacted to form a durable base. The infill is then spread evenly and leveled with truck-mounted equipment. Finally, the infill is stapled and glued to prevent it coming apart after installation.

In order to get started with artificial grass installation, you need to prepare the area you will be installing it. This means identifying the area and property lines, leveling and preparing the underlying soil. You can save a lot of money by prepping before installing your turf. In addition, it gives you peace of mind because it will eliminate the possibility that you will accidentally dig holes in the natural soil.

The next step in artificial grass installation involves cutting the turf to the desired lengths. You can do this by hand, but a machine is often preferred. When cutting, make sure to trim all the edges, especially around the edges and corners of the spaces between holes or areas you have cut. If you don’t do this correctly, you may end up with uneven lengths that won’t look right when finished.

After the grass is cut, it is important to prepare the infill for installation. In this case, you are like laying carpet. Artificial turf companies typically suggest one inch of per cubic yard of grass per pitch, but if you have a large piece of land to install, you can adjust this number up or down to your liking. Most artificial grass installation kits include the appropriate infill for the size of the plot you have, so there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

When installing artificial turf, it’s very important to make sure that the edges of the grass are smooth. If not, you run the risk of creating holes or splinters in the turf. You also have to make sure that the grass is laid on level ground. Otherwise, the turf will likely not hold and you could end up having to replace some or all of your installed turf.

To install artificial grass installation, you need to have all the tools and materials you need handy. This includes a tape measure and stakes or screwdrivers. If you have to install the turf over some underground pipes or utilities, they have to be carefully concealed and protected from the elements. Finally, you need to have at least six feet of grass of at least four inches deep laid. If the turf you install requires an additional four to six feet of grass, make sure you are prepared to dig it up and move it afterwards.

The next step in the installation is to line the perimeter of the area with the infill and secure it into place using stakes. You can then use a power broom and sweep the area to get any debris off the grass. Once that is done, you can begin installing the actual grass. It is important that you use the right type of grass seeds. Many homeowners choose Bermuda grass because it is highly resistant to bugs, moisture and rotting, making it ideal for indoor use as well as natural outdoor landscaping projects.

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